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What Does Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur Include?

Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur


Digital Marketing Course In Jaipur by Clarustech, makes you enable to make strong online presence. Increase your business traffic digitally. Digital Marketing is a vast subject. It encompasses of search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing and a lot more. To be precise a Digital Marketing Course covers everything that helps you in establishing a strong online presence. In today’s scenario Online Marketing is the biggest growing sector with a lot of job opportunity in 2021. Although most of the business are online today but this pandemic season forced all to be online. So this is the great opportunity for every job seeker & businessman to grow their business. 

What Concepts Does A Best Digital Marketing Course In Jaipur Includes?  

  1. Understanding organic search The sole purpose of a website on the internet is being found. A digital marketing course must educate you on how the search engines work and what makes you get the spotlight. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing technique which improves your site’s position in the searches. 

Some of the core organic tactics in SEO you must learn in a Search engine optimization training in Jaipur are – 

  • On–page optimization – Is basically tweaking in the code of your web pages. It helps the search engines to find your website more easily. The changes you make in the code are only readable to the search engine and not to the visitors. It includes – 
  • HTML Code – Optimizing the Meta title, Meta description, Meta robots, adding alt tags to the images, uploading site map, etc. 
  • On-page content – You add content on your every web pages that delivers the message across the audience. The content contains key phrases that the people use to search your webpage called the keyword. The keyword must not be overused or underused.
  • Off-page optimization The activities you perform on other sites to improve your site’s position in the Google are termed as Off-page optimization. Linking to high domain authority sites (website that are good in the eyes of Google) is the main part of off-page. The links that you earn from other sites is called a back links. This is the first thing that a naïve is taught in the beginning.   

The other activities that you perform in off-page is publishing useful information through blogs post, search media post, providing free guides in form of pdf, guest post, etc. The key phrases that the prospects use to search you on internet called keywords are also incorporated in the content.  

Another Important Concepts for Increase ROI Besides Websites

2. Getting leads from Paid SearchesBy now you must have got a fair idea of what SEO is. To sum up it is a free digital marketing tactic to appear in the top results.  The process of optimizing your website using free measures for the search engines is called SEO. 

SEO takes time and efforts. You have to create a compelling website, optimize it, create content, earn links and mentions from other websites and engage the current visitors.

What if you want buyers right away? 

Here you need to learn how the paid search works. The process of promoting your website through the paid searches in the search engine is called search engine marketing. 

Do you ever notice that some results over the top and right hand side have a small ad heading inside a small green square box?

The search results are termed as adverts. The advisers pay Google to place their ads along with the organic listing in the search engine. 

A search engine marketing course in Jaipur help you understand– 

  • How to set up a Google Adwords account
  • Create an ad 
  • Run ad campaign
  • Optimize your ads

The amount of money you place on each ad is called a bid. After you have submitted your ad, it goes through the ad auction. You along with other advertisers compete for the same keywords to gain an ad rank.  

Ad rank is the position your ad secured in the paid results. It depends on the 

Quality score – Relevance of your ad and quality of landing page.

CPC – The maximum amount you bid on a keyword. 

To increase your ROI you must experiment with different ad copies. A good advertiser knows how to create a campaign that has high profits and low investment.

3. Digital Marketing Course Includes Boosting Social Media Presence  –

According to Statista on an average a person spend 135 minutes browsing content on social media every day. 

Posting social media content that helps your prospects achieve their daily goals and at the same time promote your products/services is a major step your inbound marketing funnel. Social media marketing course is the big tool to create brand loyalty. Also, a positive interaction with the audience on social media is good signal for the search engine.

Each social media channel has its own unique audience. For example – Instagram is popular amongst the younger audience between 18 to 34 years. Thus it is a powerful promotion tool for brands and companies which offer service/ product used by the youngsters. Instagram marketing is best suited for the lifestyle brands. 

On the other hand LinkedIn focuses more on the people between ages of 24 to 35. If you own a website that assists individuals and organizations in growing their skills and business receptively, LinkedIn marketing will be fruitful for you.

Other than attracting more people to your website, social media also help you to promote your lead magnet. The social media course in Jaipur will help you learn all of this. 

5. Tracking your efforts –

You must know which SEO techniques, social media strategy and ads campaigns are more effective for your website. The digital trends change every minute. To know what strategy fits right in your online marketing plan you need to measure the success of your efforts. 

 You need to tool that can help you access your website’s performance. Google offers a free digital analytics tool that tracks the web traffic and provides reports. 

With Google analytics you can know – 

  1. Where the visitors of your website are located?
  2. Which website visitor will turn into a paying customer? 
  3. What content on your website user interact the most? 

To use this free service from Google you have to create a Google Analytics account. Once you create an account you will provide an Analytics tracking code which you need to add to the header session of your website. 

An analytics expert is a master in handling the data. 

The digital marketing course at Clarustech will help you understand all the above concepts in details. By taking practical-oriented courses in Jaipur you can become a reputed digital expert. 

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